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Madison, Wisconsin  

"I stopped by the market stand last week and purchased a package of the cheese treats for my two corgis. They loved them, and I was delighted. This is because I have made the change in my own diet to eat more fresh natural ingredients — organic when possible — and liked the option to do the same for my pups. I will be stopping by next week to pick up more treats to restock for sure!
Amy, Johnson Creek, WI

Nugs and Lilly
Nugs and Lilly

Anna Belle is thrilled with the Buddie's Bath all-natural dog spa products! She enjoys her dog spa after walks, before bedtime, and early morning! Anna Belle enjoys sharing the dog spa products with her best friends. Also the Buddie's Bites treats are a big hit when her best friends visit in the back yard, and for birthday parties, holiday fun, and just play time. Not a Buddie's Bite is left. Delicious, healthy treats are always a hit with her canine friends and owners! YUM!
Elisabeth, Verona, WI

Anna Belle
Anna Belle

Eyedol has some allergies. I was so happy find a dog treat that is all natural. A real plus was that Buddie's Bites contains no wheat or corn products. They are easy for him to digest and best of all, he loves them. He is always on his best behavior anticipating another treat. He loves his Buddie's Bites.
Will, Manassa, VA

Anna Belle